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MA Concentration in History & Philosophy of Science

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In cooperation with the Department of History, the Department of Philosophy offers the MA with specialization in the History and Philosophy of Science. This program is intended for students with an undergraduate concentration in history, philosophy, or one of the natural or social sciences. Graduate study in this area covers a broad range of topics in the history and philosophy of science.

Degree Requirements

Students register in either the Department of Philosophy or the Department of History, depending on their background and their proposed areas of concentration and final degree. Degree program requirements are:

  • six half-courses;
  • reading knowledge of a relevant foreign language (History) or proficiency in logic (Philosophy);
  • a Master's thesis.

Financial Support

Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Graduate Research Scholarships may be applied for through the Department in which the student will be registered. (See section on Financial Assistance.)

Faculty in History and Philosophy of Science

Faculty at the University of Calgary with a special interest in History and Philosophy of Science and who are responsible for the coordination of the program and who serve in advisory capacity for students are:


Jen Smith
Graduate Program Administrator
SS 1248

Ann Levey
Graduate Program Director
SS 1248A

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