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Congratulations to Quinn Gibson (BA Honours'10), who just graduated with a PhD in Philosophy from UC Berkeley. His thesis was supervised by R. Jay Wallace and John Campbell (MA'80). Quinn is taking up a postdoctoral teaching fellowship at NYU Shanghai.

Congratulations to Walter Glannon on receiving the Student Union's 2017 Teaching Excellence Award, and to Mark Migotti for receiving honorable mention for the second consecutive year.

Congratulations to Audrey Delamont! She successfully defended her MA thesis "Action, Knowledge Norms, and Moral Reasons" today. It was supervised by Jeremy Fantl and examined by David Dick and Mark Migotti.

Brayden Mills-Smith defended his MA thesis, "Addiction as an Excuse". It was supervised by Walter Glannon and examined by Ann Levey and Allen Habib.

Bokai Yao successfully defended his MA thesis "Some Puzzles About Ability". It was supervised by Ish Haji. Yao will enter the PhD program at the University of Notre Dame in the Fall.

What is the ultimate nature of reality? What does it take to know how the world works? How should we construct a just society? And how can we lead good lives?

Philosophy draws on and contributes to work in a variety of disciplines — linguistics, psychology, computer science, religious studies, biology, physics, and sociology — to investigate these questions. Philosophers develop practical reasoning and writing skills that lead to success in graduate school, business school, law school, medical school, and beyond.

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