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Taylor Institute Student Assessment featuring Mark Migotti - ASHA 220.

Waters Research Group in Taipei Taiwan for the Southeast Asia Summer Institute July 19 - 27, 2018

Aaron successfully defended his dissertation.

Eamon Darnell and Aaron Thomas-Bolduc recieve the 2017 Award of the Canadian Society for History & Philosophy of Mathematics

Samara Burns (MA), Elena Tumasz-Jordan (MA), Evangelian Collings (MA) and Shelley Hulbert-Smith (PhD) attend the Spring 2018 convocation ceremonies.  

What is the ultimate nature of reality? What does it take to know how the world works? How should we construct a just society? And how can we lead good lives?

Philosophy draws on and contributes to work in a variety of disciplines — linguistics, psychology, computer science, religious studies, biology, physics, and sociology — to investigate these questions. Philosophers develop practical reasoning and writing skills that lead to success in graduate school, business school, law school, medical school, and beyond.

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