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In Memoriam Sinan Şencan

With great sadness we report the untimely November 2nd 2018 death of one of our PhD Candidates, Sinan Şencan, from complications due to diabetes. Sinan came to Calgary in 2014 after completing a BA in Philosophy from the Middle East Technical University and a MA in Philosophy from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University. His PhD research project, tentatively titled “Scientific Pluralism from a Biological Perspective”, was to have been defended this academic year. Sinan was actively involved in the philosophy of biology research community and was in Seattle this past weekend to present a paper at the 2018 meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association.

Sinan will be remembered by his friends and colleagues for his generosity. He graced the department with his kindness and with his delightful sense of humour. He was also a conscientious and dedicated instructor well-liked by his students. We all feel a profound loss at his sudden and unexpected passing.

Sinan is survived by his parents and his wife, Dr. Zümrüt Alpinar Şencan. A memorial in the department will be announced at a later date.


Sanya Chaudhry featured as Inspired Albertan for her work building Nanny Shack, supporting nannies through flexible childcare.

Article by Karen Perl-Pollard, Haskayne School of Business - UToday Dec 12, 2018

For the second consecutive year, the Department of Philosophy has created two ("birdhouse" and "the north pole") imaginative gingerbread contest entries, placing second in the Faculty of Arts in Motions annual contest.

Well done team members: Megan, Amanda, Archie, Zaren and Rebecca.

Thank you to everyone who voted.  

"Defining 'Health' and 'Disease'" (2009) recognized as one of top 20 articles in 20-year period of Studies in History of Biological & Biomedical Sciences.

The annual meeting of the Western Canadian Philosophical Association, held jointly with the Canadian Society for Environmental Philosophy, begins Oct 26. More information here.

Congratulations to Stephanie Reyes for completion of her MA Thesis, title: De Se Attitudes: Lewisian Self-Ascription and Centered Worlds.  Examining Committee (from L to R): David Liebesman, Jeremy Fantl and Nicole Wyatt.

What is the ultimate nature of reality? What does it take to know how the world works? How should we construct a just society? And how can we lead good lives?

Philosophy draws on and contributes to work in a variety of disciplines — linguistics, psychology, computer science, religious studies, biology, physics, and sociology — to investigate these questions. Philosophers develop practical reasoning and writing skills that lead to success in graduate school, business school, law school, medical school, and beyond.

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