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BA and BA Honours in Philosophy Co-operative Education

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 02/08/2007 - 1:43pm

The Co-operative Education Programs are five-year degree programs which include 16 months of supervised work experience in various private and governmental agencies. Students who wish to enter the Philosophy Co-operative Education Program are urged to discuss their pre-admission course selection with the Department of Philosophy as early in their program as possible.


Students apply to the Office of Co-operative Education by one of three application deadlines:

  • May 1 (for a work term starting in September);
  • September 1 (for a work term starting in January); or
  • December 1 (for a work term starting in May).

Students must have successfully completed at least eight full-course equivalents appropriate to their degree program before commencing the first co-operative education placement. The minimum grade point average for admission to the Philosophy Co-operative Education Program is 2.70. Prospective Honours students should be aware of the admission requirements for Honours.

Students should refer to the Co-operative Education section of the Calendar for specific regulations pertaining to Co-operative Education programs.


Students must complete the following four courses in addition to the regular requirements for the BA or BA Honours in Philosophy degree program:

The first four-month work term (Co-operative Education 519.01) is normally taken in the summer between years 2 and 3. The remaining four-month work terms are taken during the last three years of the program.


In addition to the Faculty and Departmental regulations governing Honours and Majors programs and the regulations governing Co-operative Education programs, the following regulations apply. A minimum grade point average of 2.70 must be maintained for continuation in the BA and 3.00 for continuation in the BA Honours degree program. In the Co-operative Education program students must take study and work sessions consecutively and be registered full time. The Co-operative Education courses are in addition to the normal requirements for the BA or BA Honours degree program in Philosophy. Students must complete the same required courses and number of courses as required for a student completing the traditional BA or BA Honours degree program. Upon completion of each work term, the student must present a work term report to the Departmental Co-operative Education Representative.

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