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The BA Degree in Philosophy

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 02/08/2007 - 1:41pm

Students majoring in Philosophy should ensure that they seek departmental advice before annual registration.  Since many philosophical problems have their origins in non-philosophical disciplines, students should seek advice not only about which philosophy courses to take but also about which non-philosophy courses might most benefit them. 

Undergraduate Student Advisors for 2018-19:

See also "Faculty Regulations - Admissions" and other requirements under "Faculty Regulations - Graduation" in the University Calendar.  

Note:  Students must choose their courses carefully at the 2xx and 3xx levels to ensure that they have the prerequisites for entry to the 4xx and 5xx level courses. 

The BA Degree in Philosophy

Students must adhere to the applicable Faculty of Arts requirements listed in the University of Calgary Calendar, section 3.4 Graduation. 

The BA degree requires 20 full-course equivalents, which include the Philosophy major, breadth requirements courses taken from other faculties, and option courses. 

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 8.0 and a maximum of 10.00 full-course equivalents in the Field of Philosophy while fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Logic: One of Philosophy 279 or 377.
  2. Core Courses: Philosophy 395 and Philosophy 397.
  3. Upper Level Courses: 4.0 full-course equivalents in Philosophy at the 400 level or above.
  4. Philosophy Options: an additional 2.5 full-course equivalents in Philosophy
  5. Language Requirement: 1.0 full-course equivalent in a language other than English.

All students must take a minimum of a 1.0 full-course equivalent from the Faculty of Science.  

You encouraged to choose breadth requirements and options that complement your philosophy studies.

Planning Your Program

Students must choose their courses carefully in years one and two in order to ensure that they have the prerequisites for the 400/500 level courses.  Optimally, Philosophy majors should:

(a)  take either 201 or 249 in their first year

(b)  take both 395 and 397 in their second year

(c)  take 279 in their first or second year

(d)  take one of 301, 303, 305, 307, 309 or 311 in their second year.

Elaborations on Requirements for the BA in Philosophy

Formal Logic

You must take one course in formal logic.  Formal logic is the study of the symbolic representations of reasoning.  The courses that fulfill this requirement are PHIL 279 and PHIL 377.

Majors Classes

PHIL 395 and PHIL 397 are classes reserved for philosophy majors, and are writing intensive.  They should be taken during the student's second year.

Core Classes

The core classes intended to teach philosophy majors the professional skills of a philosopher are the courses offered at the 400/500 level.  Here students will be exposed to intense discussion of ideas and historical figures, often in seminar style format.  While students are given the freedom to choose the courses that interest them, we strongly encourage they take courses from across a range of philosophical areas.  Students bear the responsibility of ensuring that they take the appropriate course at the 200/300 level to ensure that they have the prerequisites for the upper level core courses.


The remaining 2.5 FCEs will largely be taken in the student's first two years and will vary with the interests of the student.  Students are encouraged to take either PHIL 201 or PHIL 249 in their first year. Students are strongly encouraged to take at least one course in the History of Philosophy in their second year (one of 301, 303, 305, 307, 309, 311).  


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