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Logic and Language

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 02/08/2007 - 2:05pm

A sizeable number of members of the Department of Philosophy have serious research and teaching interests in logic and the philosophy of language. Research on logic centers on philosophical logic, especially and in connection with philosophy of language; the history of logic; and applications of logic in philosophy of mathematics, science, computation, and linguistics.

The department runs a Faculty-sponsored Research Group in Logic and Language with more or less regular meetings.  The group has two overlapping aspects:

Contacts: Nicole Wyatt (Language), Richard Zach (Logic)

Group Members (Faculty)

John A. Baker
Associate Professor
Legal Reasoning, Philosophy of Language
John W. Heintz
Professor Emeritus
Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, Frege
Ali A. Kazmi
Associate Professor
Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic
Jack MacIntosh
Identity Theory
Mark Migotti
Associate Professor
Charles S. Peirce
Nicole M. Wyatt
Assistant Professor
Semantics and Pragmatics, Medieval Logic
Richard Zach
History of 20th Century Logic, Non-Classical Logic, Proof Theory



Vendler Research Group in Linguistics and Philosophy (VRG)

The VRG is an interdisciplinary group composed of faculty and graduate students from the departments of philosophy, linguistics, and psychology. The group's main goal is to facilitate communication between researchers working on issues related to the syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of natural languages. The group meets approximately once a month to discuss current research, discuss members own work, and to host visiting scholars.

Contacts: Nicole Wyatt (Philosophy), Elizabeth Ritter (Linguistics)

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Group Members in Other Departments

Martha McGinnis
Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Syntax, Semantics
Kimiko Nakanishi
Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Semantics, Syntax-Semantics Interface
Amanda Pounder
Associate Professor of German
Elizabeth Ritter
Associate Professor of Linguistics
Syntax, Lexical Semantics


Calgary Peripatetic Research Group on Logic and Category Theory

The Logic and Language Research Group also maintains intensive contact with the departments of Mathematics and Computer Science in research in formal logic, foundations of mathematics, computation and category theory. The Calgary Peripatetic Research Group on Logic and Category Theory meets weekly, alternating between the departments of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Philosophy.

Group meetings and talkes are announced on the Peripatetic Research Group on Logic and Category Theory website. Sign up for our email list here.


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