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History and Philosophy of Science

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 02/08/2007 - 2:05pm

The History and Philosophy of Science Research Group is an interdisciplinary community of scholars in the history and philosophy of science (HPS) including both faculty and graduate students. Members belong to the Faculties of Arts, Science, and Medicine, as well as Mount Royal University. First established in 1997, the Group's objective is to promote individual and collaborative research in HPS, and establish a network of HPS scholars at the University of Calgary. The Group meets at least once a month to discuss recent work in HPS, discuss members' own work, or host visiting scholars.

Contacts:  Megan Delehanty (Philosophy) 

Group members


Megan Delehanty
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Epistemology
Marc Ereshefsky
Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Metaphysics
Benedikt Hallgrimsson
Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy
Philosophy of Biology
Penny Hawe
Professor and Markin Chair in Health and Society
Philosophy of Halth Sciences, Complex Systems and Models in the Health Sciences
Cooper Langford
Professor of Chemistry
Science and Technology Studies
Noa Latham
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Causation, Explanation, and the Relation between Physics and the Special Sciences.
Jack MacIntosh
Professor of Philosophy
Identity Theory, Philosophy of Religion, History of Philosophy, History of Science
Mark Migotti
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy and History of Science, Peirce
Peter Morton
Mount Royal University
History of Analytic Philosophy and of Philosophy of Science
Tinu Ruparell
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Science and Religion
Anthony Russell
Professor of Zoology
Ecology and Evolution
Frank W. Stahnisch
Associate Professor, History of Medicine and Health Care
History of Medicine
Hank Stam
Professor of Psychology
History and Theory of Psychology
Martin Staum
Professor of History
History of Science and Technology, History of Medicine
Virginia Tumasz
Religious Studies
Science and Religion
Robert X. Ware
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
Political Philosophy, Explanation in the Social Sciences
Richard Zach
Professor of Philosophy
History of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, History of Philosophy of Science


M.A. Program in History and Philosophy of Science

The Department offers, jointly with the Department of History, a graduate program leading to an M.A. in History and Philosophy of Science.


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