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Jack MacIntosh, 1934–2020

The Department of Philosophy is mourning the loss of Dr. Jack Macintosh, PhD, who passed away on Feb. 15 at the age of 85. 

Macintosh was one of the UCalgary’s original professors, joining the Department of Philosophy as an associate professor in 1966 when our university was still the University of Alberta at Calgary. He was promoted to professor in 1970. 

His primary research interests were in the history and philosophy of science and the philosophy of religion. He was one of the world’s foremost experts on the 17th century natural philosopher, chemist, physicist, and inventor Robert Boyle. 

After earning his BA and MA at the University of New Zealand (now University of Auckland) Macintosh went on to the University of Oxford where he earned his doctorate. Before coming to Calgary he served as a Fellow and lecturer at St. John’s College, Oxford. 

He was a highly respected and extensively published researcher and an inspiring, much loved teacher for generations of undergraduate and graduate students. 

“It is hard for many of us to imagine the department without him,” says Dr. Nicole Wyatt, PhD, head of the Department of Philosophy. “I took my very first philosophy class from Jack as an undergraduate English major in 1989, and was later privileged to have him supervise my master's thesis. . . . We will all feel this loss very deeply.” 

Macintosh is survived by his partner, Karen Walde, two sons Geoffrey and Daniel, daughters Becky and Tess, grandchildren Molly, Ruby and Cisco, and by his brother, Aengus.

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Past Graduate Students

2012 - Dagsson, Jóhannes: Meaning, Perceptipn, and Works of Art
1981 - Kornfein, Roger: Kant and the metaphysics of reference
1972 - Hewins, Patrick: Rationality in Science

2012 - Wetmore, Nycole Lorraine: The Problem of Evil
2011 - Maleki, Mike: Course Based MA
2007 - Porat, Yonatan: How the Seemingly Serendipitous Success of Mathematics in Physics is a Problem for Philosophy of Science, not Metaphysics
2007 - Jordan, Shelley: Course Based MA
2005 - Rondeau, Meaghan: The Piety of Storks
1999 - Viney, Christine: The History of Catholic Sexual Morality
1996 - McIvor, Trevor: Reason and Reformed Epistemology
1995 - Wyatt, Nicole: Aquinas and Scotus: Free Will, Teleological Ethics and Deontic Logic
1994 - Anderson, J. Mark: (Course-based)
1986 - Cunningham, Martin: Perception and Consciousness: An Evolutionary Approach
1984 - Park, Shelley: Rationality Without Linguistic Ability
1983 - Heyd, Thomas: 'Consciousness' in Philosophy and Psychology
1980 - Nasim, Moira: Personal Identity and "Split-Brain"
1972 - Wood, Thomas: Proof
1968 - Haynes, Peter: Memory
1967 - Kooistra, John E.: Persons

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