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Questions about program requirements

Submitted by nnreimer on Tue, 08/23/2016 - 5:55pm

What are the requirements for a BA in Philosophy?

To receive a BA in Philosophy you need to fulfill the general requirements set out by the Arts Faculty. Note that you must have at least seven and not more than ten FCEs in Philosophy.

The specific Philosophy requirements can be found at the following locations:

For information on the philosophy minor, co-op programs, and the joint degree in religious studies and applied ethics see the undergraduate programs page.

What is the maximum number of 200 level courses I can have credited to my degree in philosophy?

To obtain a BA in any Arts subject at least 12 FCEs must be at the senior level (300 level or above). Consequently at most 8 FCEs may be at the 200 level.

What is an FCE?

An FCE is a full course equivalent. Typically this means a course that occupies two terms (Fall and Winter), or the equivalent in Spring and Summer Sessions. In fact, apart from the honours thesis course, the Philosophy Department does not offer any full year courses, so in practice an FCE is equivalent to two half courses (courses which take up only one Term, and which are usually, if sometimes confusingly, simply called courses).

How are degrees with distinction awarded for students doing joint degrees?

Students doing joint degrees are considered for Distinction in each of the degrees separately. Students who qualify for Distinction under one Faculty's regulations, but not the other will be awarded Distinction for one, but not the other.

I have a previous degree. Can I use any of my courses for a second degree in philosophy?

You can use a maximum of twelve FCEs from your previous degree (from the University of Calgary or from another University) towards a University of Calgary B.A. in Philosophy. Of the 8 new FCEs needed, at least 4 must be from the University of Calgary. At least half the total Philosophy requirements (3.5 FCEs) must be from the University of Calgary. More than 8 additional FCEs may be required to meet Faculty and Department requirements.

Which classes is it most important that I take, and in what order should I take them?

Philosophy majors are advised to:

(a)  take either 201 or 249 or 259 in their first year

(b)  take both 395 and 397 in their second year (for the purpose of meeting prerequisites, students who took 201 in their first year should take, at least, 397; those who took 249 in their first year should take, at least, 395)

(c)  take 279 in their first or second year

(d)  take one of 301, 303, 305, 307, 309 or 311 in their second year

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