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Congratulations to Troy Klassen, our newest alumnus.  He graduated from the Department of Philosophy Honors Program with first class distinctions.  

Supervisor: Lorraine Markotic

Honors Thesis: Silence in Continental Thought & Literature

Future Plans: "I will be applying to graduate programs in Philosophy and Comparative Literature this Fall. In the meantime, I'm working on the family farm. I hope that one day I'll be able to find, in a corner of a university somewhere, a small stuffy office full of books to hide in."


Well done Brent Odland!  Brent successfully completed his Philosophy BA Honors thesis and graduated this Spring.  

Supervisor: Mark Migotti

Honors Thesis: Putting Philosophy to Work: Charles Peirce on the Logic of Science and Science of Logic 

Future Plans: "Currently I am planning to take a year off from school to work and hopefully travel. I plan on applying for MA programs in the fall and hope to start a program in the fall semester of the next year."

Congratulations to Mikaela Mackenzie, who graduated from the Philosophy BA Honors program with first class distinction, during June 2017 convocation ceremonies.  

Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl

Honors Thesis: The Freedom to Believe

Future Plans: "After graduation I will be attending the University of Toronto to pursue my Master's degree, with the goal of (eventually) becoming a professor."

Todd Dilling graduated from the Philosophy BA Honors program with first class distinction.  He is also the 2017 recipient of the Silver Medallion in Philosophy.

Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl

Honors Thesis: When Should Skeptics - And Everyone Else - Say "Know"?

Future Plans: Todd will be starting law school in the fall, and hopes to work as a lawyer. He isn’t exactly sure what field of law he wants to work in yet, but he knows he wants to be in the courtroom

At Wednesday's convocation ceremony, we will celebrate the achievements of fifteen undergraduate students and six graduate students. Cheer on your friends and students at 2pm in Jack Simpson Gym.

Congratulations to Quinn Gibson (BA Honours'10), who just graduated with a PhD in Philosophy from UC Berkeley. His thesis was supervised by R. Jay Wallace and John Campbell (MA'80). Quinn is taking up a postdoctoral teaching fellowship at NYU Shanghai.

Congratulations to Walter Glannon on receiving the Student Union's 2017 Teaching Excellence Award, and to Mark Migotti for receiving honorable mention for the second consecutive year.

Brayden Mills-Smith defended his MA thesis, "Addiction as an Excuse". It was supervised by Walter Glannon and examined by Ann Levey and Allen Habib.

Congratulations to Audrey Delamont! She successfully defended her MA thesis "Action, Knowledge Norms, and Moral Reasons" today. It was supervised by Jeremy Fantl and examined by David Dick and Mark Migotti.


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