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Taylor Institute Student Assessment featuring Mark Migotti - ASHA 220.

Eamon Darnell and Aaron Thomas-Bolduc recieve the 2017 Award of the Canadian Society for History & Philosophy of Mathematics

Aaron successfully defended his dissertation.

Philosophy faculty members Richard Zach, Mark Migotti, Nicole Wyatt and David Dick cheer on the graduating class of 2018.

Samara Burns (MA), Elena Tumasz-Jordan (MA), Evangelian Collings (MA) and Shelley Hulbert-Smith (PhD) attend the Spring 2018 convocation ceremonies.  

Graduating Class of 2018: Erika Roy (B. Hons), Dean Gehlig, Nigel Freno, Dmytro Humynetskyy, Catherine Hillaby, Pablo Montenegro, and Julie Huynh

Congratulations to Kendra Wegscheidler for successfully completing her Philosophy BA Honors thesis and graduating this Spring.

Congratulations to Erika Roy for graduating this Fall from the Undergraduate Philosophy BA Honors Program and for being awarded the 2018 Silver Medallion in Philosophy. 

Spring convocation is Wednesday June 6, 2 pm.


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