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Speakers Series Jan 10, 2020

Philosophy Speakers Series presents Dr. Letitia Meynell "Gendering Animals"
January 10, 2020
3-5:00 p.m.
Social Sciences Tower, Room 1253

In Delusions of Gender Cordelia Fine quips, “To suggest that non-human primates have socially constructed gender roles seems more or less akin to pinning a notice to one’s back that says, MOCK ME…” (2010, 128).

In this presentation, I will take up this dangerous suggestion in a way that is driven by biology, but is sensitive to feminist concerns. I will describe what it might mean to say that some non-human animals have socially constructed genders in a biologically robust and non-anthropomorphic sense that doesn’t reduce gender to sex. Although the project is challenging from a scientific perspective, we will find that it is even more politically fraught.

Speaker Bio

Letitia Meynell is associate professor of philosophy, and gender and women’s studies at Dalhousie University, specializing in philosophy of science, epistemology and feminist philosophy. Her research explores the epistemology of images in science and various intersections between feminist theory and contemporary trends in biology. Her current work also engages the epistemology of thought experiments and scientifically-informed analyses of the moral and political status of nonhuman animals.

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