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Soohyun Ahn wins Killam Scholarship

Mark Skogen, Faculty of Graduate Studies

The Department of Philosophy is proud to announce that Soohyun Ahn has been awarded an Izaak Walton Killam Pre-Doctoral Scholarship. This is the most prestigious graduate student award at the University of Calgary.

Science enjoys a privileged status and public trust due to the common assumption that science is and should be faithful to facts and free of value commitments or personal bias. Then, should social, moral and political values be prohibited from influencing science? In her proposed research, Soo plans to challenge this assumption and explore whether social, moral, and political values can contribute to producing knowledge in science.

Soo is in her third year of the PhD program. Her dissertation is supervised by Marc Ereshefsky.

Killam scholars were honoured at a University reception on Tuesday.

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