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New Women's Studies Course for Fall 2019

Registration is now for WMST 303.3 Music, Race, and Social Change (Fall 2019), a new undergraduate course developed and taught by Women’s Studies Coordinator Joe Kadi.

Music is a powerful cultural force that influences communities in significant ways. This course focuses on music as a unifying force for social justice activists. The connection between music and social change begins with a large-scale, cross-racial social change movement: abolitionism, and its anthem Amazing Grace.

The focus is on the folk, blues, rock, pop, and world music scene of the 1950s and 1960s, and its direct link to social change movements of the era, including but not limited to the black civil rights movement, indigenous activism, and feminism. There will be an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from history, sociology, critical race studies, cultural studies, literature, and gender studies.

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