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New Topics Courses for Spring/Summer 2020

Registration for Spring and Summer 2020 courses opened on February 4, 2020. We’re excited to offer three new topics courses in the Philosophy and the Women’s Studies programs:

WMST 303.4 Topics in Feminism: Mothering, Motherhood, and Women’s Studies (Spring 2020)

An examination of conceptualizations of motherhood, gendered practices and complexities of mothering and related feminist theory and activism. 

PHIL 399.13 Topics in Philosophy: Uncertainty & Climate Change (Spring 2020)

An examination of the role of uncertainty in the methodology of climate sciences and the ways in which public conceptions of scientific method have contributed to climate change skepticism. 

PHIL 399.14 Topics in Philosophy: D&D and Philosophy (Summer 2020)

This class will examine central questions such as the nature of life and death, identity, reality, good and evil, experience, and love as they arise in the context of table-top role-playing games in general and D&D in particular.

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