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New Block Week Course for F17

Why should we care about movies? Whether we realize it or not, movies carry philosophical messages that both portray and shape the culture. Professor Jeremy Fantl will offer a new Block Week course in Fall 2017 called "PHILOSOPHY AT THE MOVIES".  Using film as a lens through which philosophical ideas are examined, the course will consider how filmmakers explore traditional philosophical questions and what role film can play in our philosophical thinking.

Block Week courses give students the opportunity to take regular credit courses in a condensed time format. Fall Term 2017 Block Week runs Tuesday, Sep 5 through Saturday, Sep 9.  PHIL 399.9, "Topics in Philosophy: Philosophy at the Movies" counts as a one Half Course Equivalent. It is timetabled to meet daily during F17 Block Week, 9-5. Registration opens March 1st. If more information is needed, contact the instructor, Jeremy Fantl, at

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