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McKinnon to Give Talk at Gender and Sexual Diversity Symposium

SSHRCC Postdoc Fellow and Sessional Instructor, Dr. Rachel McKinnon, will deliver a talk entitled "'Allies', Active Bystanders, and Gaslighting" as part of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Symposium hosted by The Institute for Gender Research at the University of Calgary, on Saturday, March 29, 2:45-4:15 pm in The Loft, 4th Floor MacEwan Hall.  This is the same paper she will be giving as one of two keynote speakers at the "Workshop on Diversity in Philosophy" hosted by Rice University in Houston, Texas on March 21.

Abstract:  In a recent blog post, Mia McKenzie convincingly argues for the end of the term and the concept of "allies".  Like her, I'm done with allies.  In this talk I raise some ways in which ally culture has resulted in a number of very serious problems for those that "allies" seek to support.  Drawing on real-life examples, I connect ally culture to a lack of accountability and a worrying prevalence of gaslighting, which is a kind of epistemic injustice.  In its place, I suggest that we focus on people being good active bystanders, "currently operating with" those they seek to support, as McKenzie puts it

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