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Congratulations, Class of 2018!

Spring convocation for Philosophy and Women's Studies graduands takes place Wednesday, June 6, at 2:00 pm in Jack Simpson gym. Come and cheer on the class of 2018!

Marinna Breda, Albert Komishke, Barbara Martell, and Victoria Stanford will receive BAs in Women's Studies.

Teppei Hayashi and Shelley Hulbert-Smith will receive PhDs in Philosophy.

Sarah Vooys, Samara Burns, Evangelian Collings, James Leyenaar, and Elena Tumasz-Jordan will receive MAs in Philosophy (Sarah and James will not attend).

Erika Roy receives the Silver Medallion in Philosophy and a BA Honours in Philosophy.

Riley Marion and  Kendra Wegscheidler  receive BA Honours in Philosophy.

Thea Anderson, Christian Baun, Joseph Boissonneault, Maria Fiebelkorn, Nigel Freno, Dean Gehlig, Catherine Hillaby, Dmytro Humynetskyy, Julie Huynh, Gurvinder Mattu, Pablo Montenegro, Daniel Risky, and Dana Stene receive BAs in Philosophy.

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