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Congratulations, Class of 2017!

The Class of 2017 graduate students: : Audrey Delamont (MA), Alison McConwell (PhD) and Charles David Boutland (PhD). Philip Puszczalowski (PhD), Brayden Mills-Smith (MA) and Bokai Yao (MA) also received their degrees, but did not participate in Convocation.

The Class of 2017 Philosophy Honours students: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) students Todd Dilling, Mikaela Mackenzie, Brent Odland, and Timothy James Perkins. Todd also received the Silver Medal in Philosophy.

Bachelor of Arts graduates who walked the stage yesterday: Beige Lussier, Kevin McKay, Udita Ghosh, Jessica Ruffolo and Alexander Vincent-McLeod. In addition to those pictured we had Alexander Friedl, Sukhjot Hundle, Dania Idriss, Scott Jackson, and Lilit Tokmajyan receive their degrees but they were not lined up with our group.

Richard Zach, Nicole Wyatt and Marc Ereshefsky supporting graduands at the Spring 2017 convocation ceremonies.

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