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2019 Special Topics Courses

Fall 2019 special topics courses in philosophy and women's studies are now open to students in all disciplines. Seats are filling up quickly!

Phil 499.1 Death: Metaphysical and Ethical Issues

In this course, we critically examine metaphysical and ethical issues surrounding death. We address the argument that death is bad or evil. We examine arguments for and against radical life extension and immortality, as well as the psychological responses to the inevitability of death and how these responses shape our lives. Finally, we address applied ethical questions and arguments concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide.

PHIL 499.4 Topics in Philosophy: Disability 

What is disability? We often think of things like blindness and paraplegia as types of disability, but what does that mean? There is a wide range of human variation, but only some types of variation are ever labelled as disabilities. There is also considerable disagreement about whether particular conditions (e.g. deafness, autism) are or are not disabilities. In this course, we will examine different accounts of disability as well as other philosophical questions about disability.

WMST 303.2 Ecofeminism (block week)

Ecofeminism can be understood as a way of perceiving the world, as a social change movement, as theory and practice, and as a lifestyle. In this class, we will spend time analyzing ecofeminism in all of these ways, with a focus on the history and present day context of this intersectional movement. Our focus is ecofeminism and how it connects with the environmental degradation our world is experiencing. We'll learn to recognize the signs of climate change, and how this issue connects with race, class and gender. We’ll work within the braver-space, participatory classroom framework that the Women’s Studies program has developed over the years, thus ensuring that we learn from each other in a respectful, communal manner. This will be anything but a traditional, lecture-style classroom! Expect to be challenged, to participate in activities that stretch and challenge you, and to learn about yourself and the world around you.

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