University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of John BakerJohn BakerBioethics, Ethics, Philosophical Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Business Ethics, Metaethics, Plato and Aristotle
Photograph of Reid BuchananReid BuchananEpistemology, Metaphysics
Photograph of Megan DelehantyMegan DelehantyPhilosophy of Science, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Biology
Photograph of David DickDavid DickSocial and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Action, Normativity, Philosophy of Money, Ethics, Business Ethics
Photograph of Marc EreshefskyMarc EreshefskyPhilosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Biology
Photograph of Jeremy FantlJeremy FantlPhilosophy of Mind, Ethics, Metaphysics, Epistemology
Photograph of Christopher FramarinChristopher FramarinIndian Philosophy, Environmental Ethics
Photograph of Katrin FroeseKatrin FroesePolitical Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy
Photograph of Walter GlannonWalter GlannonPhilosophy of Mind, Neuroethics, Bioethics
Photograph of Allen HabibAllen HabibEthics, Philosophy of Law, Environmental Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy
Photograph of Ishtiyaque HajiIshtiyaque HajiFree Will and Moral Responsibility, Philosophical Psychology, Action theory, Ethical Theory
Photograph of Daniel KaryDaniel KaryEnvironmental Ethics, Ancient Philosophy
Photograph of Ali KazmiAli KazmiMetaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic
Photograph of Yoshiki KobasigawaYoshiki KobasigawaPhilosophy of Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language
Photograph of Noa LathamNoa LathamPhilosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Action, Ethics, Metaphysics
Photograph of Caleb LeeCaleb LeeEpistemology
Photograph of Ann LeveyAnn LeveyEthics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Feminist Philosophy
Photograph of David LiebesmanDavid LiebesmanMetaphysics, Philosophy of Language
Photograph of Lorraine MarkoticLorraine MarkoticNietzsche, Continental Philosophy, Adorno, Feminist Philosophy, Psychoanalytic Theory
Photograph of Mark MigottiMark Migotti19th Century German Philosophy (esp. Nietzsche and Schopenhauer), Epistemology, American Pragmatists, Charles S. Peirce, Ethics, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of History
Photograph of Brendan MoranBrendan MoranWalter Benjamin, Continental European Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy and Art
Photograph of Gillman PayetteGillman PayettePhilosophy of Logic, Logic, Philosophy of Action
Photograph of Shelley  SmithShelley SmithFree Will and Moral Responsibility, Ancient Philosophy, 19th Century German Philosophy (esp. Nietzsche and Schopenhauer), Ethics, Business Ethics, Philosophy of Law
Photograph of C. Kenneth WatersC. Kenneth WatersScientific Metaphysics, Philosophy of Biology, Causal Reasoning in Science and Engineering, American Pragmatists, Philosophy of Science
Photograph of Nicole WyattNicole WyattPhilosophy of Language, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Logic
Photograph of Richard ZachRichard ZachPhilosophy of Logic, History of Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics, Logic
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