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PhD Placement

Submitted by schnell on Thu, 02/08/2007 - 4:26pm

The Department offers a job placement service for its PhD recipients.

Placement and career information is included where known.


Boutland, C. David

Liberalism and Pluralism: Assessing the Affinity
Supervisor: Allen Habib
External Examiner: Cindy Holder (Victoria)
Currently: Sessional Instructor, University of Calgary

McConwell, Alison

Individuality, the Major Transitions, and the Evolutionary Contingency Thesis
Supervisor: Marc Ereshefsky
External Examiner: John Beatty (UBC)
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary
Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University (from 2018)

Puszczalowski, Philip

Creativity, Culture, and Genius: Nietzsche's Ethics of the Creative Life
Supervisor: Mark Migotti
External Examiner: Jessica Berry (Georgia State)
Currently: Sessional Instructor, Camosun College, Victoria


Hebert, Ryan

Telelogism Full Stop: A General Theory of Ability, Agency, Obligation, and Justification
Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl
External Examiner: Timothy Williamson (Oxford)

Jankunis, Frank

Rethinking Environment: The Ethics of a Constructionist View of Our Relation to Nature
Supervisor: Allen Habib
External Examiner: Katie McShane (Colorado State)
Currently: Instructor, Camosun College, Victoria

Lee, Caleb

The Nature of Belief and Its Normative Implications
Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl
External Examiner: J. David Velleman (NYU)
Currently: Sessional Instructor, University of Calgary


Holter, Brandon

The Epistemic Significance of Values in Science
Supervisor: Marc Ereshefsky
External Examiner: Heather Douglas (Waterloo)
Currently: Lecturer, Philosophy, East Tennessee State University 

Nordal, Salvör

Privacy as a Social Concept 
Supervisor: Ann Levey
External Examiner: Trudy Govier (Lethbridge)
Currently: Director, Centre for Ethics, University of Iceland 


Bagg, Sara 

Sitting in Judgement: Moral Constraints on Judicial Reasoning within the Bounds of Law

Supervisor: John Baker
External Examiner: Eldon Soifer (Regina)
Completed joint PhD/JD
Currently:  Environmental Lawyer, Calgary.


Anderson, Ardis

Playing by the Rules: A Theory of Embodied Human Rights
Supervisor: Mark Migotti
External Examiner: Roger Shiner (British Columbia)
Currently: Instructor, Philosophy Department, University of Lethbridge 

Dagsson, Jóhannes 

Meaning, Perception, and Works of Art
Supervisor: Jack MacIntosh
External Examiner: Peter Alward (Lethbridge) 
Currently: Instructor, Iceland Academy of the Arts

Mansur, Mostofa

Bertrand Russell's Theory of Definite Descriptions: An Examination"
Supervisor: Ali Kazmi
External Examiner: Bernie Linsky (Alberta) 
Currently: Professor, Jahangirnagar University

Payette, Gillman

A Study in the Logic of Institutions
Supervisor: Richard Zach
External Examiner: Allen Hazen (Alberta)
Recipient of the Governor General's Gold Medal
Currently: Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia

Pedroso, Makmiller

A Critique of Modern Biological Essentialism
Supervisor: Marc Ereshefsky
External Examiner: John Beatty (British Columbia)
Currently: Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Towson University 


Guerrero, David

Against Naturalist Conceptions of Health: In Defence of Constrained Normativism
Co-Supervisors:  John Baker and Walter Glannon
External Examiner:  Glenn Griener (Alberta)

Murphy, Matthew

Why Not Be an Amoralist?
Supervisor:  John Baker
External Examiner:  Eldon Soifer (Regina)
Currently:  Sessional Instructor, Mount Royal University, Calgary

Steiner, Michael

An Anti-Realist Theory of Natural Kinds
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
External Examiner:  Alexander Bird (Bristol)
Currently:  Business Analyst, TransCanada Pipelines

Tanner, Ryan

Reasons, Final Value, and Relative Value
Supervisor:  John Baker
External Examiner:  Emer O'Hagan (Saskatchewan)
Fall 2012:  Law School, University of Toronto


Dumsday, Travis

Defending an Essentialist Ontology of Kinds, Laws, and Biological Taxa
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
External Examiner:  Crawford Elder (Connecticut)
Currently:  Canada Research Chair, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Concordia University College (Edmonton, AB)

Kasaki, Masashi

Contextualism and the Reference Class Problem

Supervisor:  Jeremy Fantl
External Examiner:  Jonathan Vogel (Amherst)
Currently:  Designated Associate Professor, Department of Academic Writing Education,  Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Nagoya University

Strasbourg, Tina

Feminist Hobbesian Contractarianism: A Defense
Supervisor:  Elizabeth Brake
External Examiner:  Ann Cudd (Kansas)
Currently: Instructor, Grande Prairie Regional College


Marriott, Chris

Folk Psychology, Cognitive Ethology and Artificial Agents
Co-Supervisors: John Baker, James Parker
External Examiner: Eric Neufeld (Saskatchewan)

Dolgetta, Speranza


The Moral Status of Germ Line Gene Manipulation: Practical Considerations
Supervisor:  John Baker
External Examiner:  Elisabeth Gedge (McMaster)
Completed joint MD/PhD at University of Calgary.
Currently:  Medical Doctor, Calgary

Sager, Alexander

Immigration, Rights, and Equality
Co-Supervisors:  Dennis McKerlie, Kai Nielsen
External Examiner:  Michael Blake (Washington)
Currently:  Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Portland State University (Oregon).


Edgar, Stuart

Deciphering the World: A Study in Schopenhauer's Metaphysics
Supervisor:  Mark Migotti
External Examiner: Chris Janaway (Southampton)
Currently:  Philosophy Instructor, Athabasca University.

Joss, Jennifer 


The Ineliminability of Metaphors in Biology
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
External Examiner:  Richard Boyd (Cornell)
Currently: Lawyer, Calgary (JD University of Calgary)

Urbaniak, Rafal 


Leśniewski's Systems of Logic and Mereology: History and Reevaluation
Supervisor:  Richard Zach
External Examiner: John Kearns (University at Buffalo)
Currently:  Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Journalism, University of Gdańsk (Poland); Associate Researcher, Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Ghent University (Belgium). 


Fenton, Andrew

Aping the substantive epistemic subject? In search of epistemic equals in the genus Pan
Supervisor: John Baker
External Examiner: Bruce Hunter (University of Alberta)
Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Dalhousie University

Kobasigawa, Yoshiki

Meinong Plus
Supervisor:  Ali Kazmi
External Examiner: David Kaplan (UCLA)
Currently:  Instructor, Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary


Hendrikse, Jesse

Explanation and Inheritance
Supervisor: Marc Ereshefsky
External Examiner: James Griesemer (UC Davis)
Currently: Instructor, Community Health Services, University of Calgary


Gillis, Marin

The Human Stem Cell Debate and the Commodification of Women: Ethical Considerations
Supervisor: Dennis McKerlie
External Examiner: Elisabeth Gedge (McMaster) 
Currently:  Professor and Chief, Division of Ethics, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University

Janzen, Gregory

The Reflexive Nature of Consciousness
Supervisor: John Baker
External Examiner: William Seager (Toronto)
Currently:  Lawyer, Calgary (JD Osgoode Hall School of Law)

Albahari, Miri

The Two-Tiered Illusion of Self
Supervisor: John Baker
External Examiner: Uriah Kriegel (Arizona)
Currently: Lecturer, University of Western Australia


Mellow, David

A Critique of Just War Theory
Supervisor: Thomas Hurka, Dennis McKerlie
External Examiner: Jeff McMahan (Rutgers) 


Odenbaugh, Jay

Searching for Patterns, Hunting for Causes: A Philosophical Examination of Mathematical Modeling in Theoretical Ecology
Supervisor: Marc Ereshefsky
External Examiner: William Wimsatt (Chicago)
Currently:  Associate Professor, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon. 


Sisson, Janet

The Influence of Mathematics on Plato's Moral Theory
Supervisor: John Baker
External:  David Hitchcock (McMaster) 


Hoffman, Phillip

Aspects of Independence and Determinacy in Quantum Mechanics and Realism
Supervisors: C. B. Martin and W. Sharp (Alberta)
External Examiner:  J. R. Brown (Toronto)
Previously: Instructor and Associate Dean at SAIT, currently post-secondary education consultant


Bailey, Andrew

Phenomenal Properties: The Epistemology and Metaphysics of Qualia
Supervisor: John Baker
External Examiner:  William Seager (Toronto)
Currently:  Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Guelph (Ontario). 

Ghate, Onkar

The Argument from Conflicting Appearances
Supervisor: Dennis McKerlie 
External Examiner:  Paul Snowdon (Oxford)
Currently:  Writer and researcher

Hudak, Brent

Belief Revision and Epistemic Value
Supervisor: Ali Kazmi
External:  Bruce Hunter (Alberta)
Currently:  Sessional Instructor, Mount Royal College


Baumslag, David

A Goal-Oriented Theory of Science
Supervisor: Marc Ereshefsky 
External:  Ronald Giere (Minnesota)
Last Known: Senior Manager, Bank of England


Elsamahi, Mohamed

A Coherentist View of Theory Acceptance and Change
Supervisor: Marc Ereshefsky
External Examiner:  J. R. Brown (Toronto)


Sauve, Kevin

The Nature of Intentions
Supervisor: C. B. Martin
External Examiner:  John Heil (Davidson)
Last Known:  Postdoctoral Fellow, NYU School of Medicine.

Li, Li

Morality and Marx's Theory of Exploitation
Supervisor: Robert Ware
External Examiner:  Rodney Peffer (San Diego)


Hadfield, Christopher

Transcendental Naturalism
Supervisor: John Baker
External Examiner:  James Bogen (Pittsburgh)

Okeke, Peter

John Dewey and Democracy
Supervisor: Robert Ware
External Examiner:  D. J. C. Carmichael (Alberta)


Beards, Andrew

Objectivity and Historical Understanding

Supervisor: Brenda Baker
External Examiner:  Mark Morelli (Loyola Marymount)
Currently: Maryvale Institute, England.

Milde, Michael

Gauthier, Rawls and the Social Contract in Contemporary Political Philosophy

Supervisors: Kai Nielsen and John Baker
External Examiner:  Wesley Cooper (Alberta)
Currently:  Associate Professor of Philosophy and Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Western Ontario.


Gitelman, Damon

Conceptual Scheme Differentiation

Supervisor: Kai Nielsen
External Examiner:  David Henderson (Nebraska-Lincoln)
Currently: Research Consultant at Pivot Industries, Denver

Kang, Jian

Frederic Fitch and Epistemic Blindspotting

Supervisor: Ali Kazmi
External Examiner:  Philip Hanson (Simon Fraser)


Pugsley, John

Materialism and Mental Realism

Supervisor: John Baker
External Examiner:  Philp Hanson (Simon Fraser)
Currently: Associate Professor of Philosophy, Okanagan College (British Columbia)


Gordon, Robert

Textual Representation: A Semeiotic Theory of Translation

Supervisor: John Baker
External Examiner:  Bela Szabados (Regina)


Akhtar, Shabbir

Religion in the Age of Reason

Supervisor: Kai Nielsen
External Examiner:  J. Bishop


Cornett, Russell

Subjective Ethical Naturalism
Supervisor: Kai Nielsen
External Examiner:  Rodger Beehler (Victoria)

Wiebe, Nettie

Rights and Interests
Supervisor: Kai Nielsen
External Examiner:  David Lyons (Boston)
Currently:  Professor, St. Andrew's College (Saskatoon); politician


Nagle, Michael

Normal K-5 Logics
Supervisor: Brian Chellas
External Examiner:  S. K. Thomason (Simon Fraser)


Kornfein, Roger

Kant and the Metaphysics of Reference
Supervisor: Jack MacIntosh
External Examiner:  R. B. Bradley (Simon Fraser)


Barrett, Richard

Thinking, Doing and Feeling
Supervisor: C. B. Martin
External Examiner:  Frithjoff Bergmann (Michigan)
Deceased September 2011

Bowles, William

On the Possibility of Social Welfare Function
Supervisor: John Baker
External Examiner:  Allan Gibbard (Michigan)

Godlovitch (nee Crowther), Glenys

Responsibility Under Criminal Law
Supervisor: Gordon Greig
External Examiner:  Richard Wasserstrom (California)
Currently:  Associate Professor of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary

Pfeifer, Karl

Events, Individuation and Identity
Supervisor: John Baker
External Examiner:  Irving Thalberg (Illinois)
Currently:  Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Saskatchewan.


Brusegard, David

Word-Use and Meaning-Change
Supervisor: Gordon Greig

Hudson, Rory

A Theory of Warranted Assertion
Supervisor: John Heintz

Stanford, Anthony

Literature and Intention
Supervisor: Terry Penelhum


Cooper, Wesley

Materialism and the Mind/Body Problem
Supervisor: John Baker
Currently:  Professor of Philosophy (Emeritus), University of Alberta.

Marks, Brian

Thought, Belief and the Will
Supervisor: Terry Penelhum

Strand, David

Judicial Discretion
Supervisor:  Marsha Hanen


Cornwall, Claudia

The Evolution of Persons
Supervisor: John Heintz
Currently:  Instructor, Faculty of Language, Literature and Performing Arts, Douglas College (British Columbia).


Gedge, Elisabeth

Psychopaths and Responsibility
Supervisor: Brenda Baker
Currently:  Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, McMaster University

Cornwall, Gordon

Other Worlds: On The Possiblity of Alternate Adequate Theories
Supervisor: Marsha Hanen

Mercer, David

Vagueness and Precision
Supervisor: John Baker


Dyck, Grace

Incorporeal Identity
Supervisor: Terry Penelhum


Banks, John

Reference and Reportage
Supervisor: Gordon Greig

Ehrcke, William

Theories of Belief
Supervisor: Robert Jewell

Korth, Robert

Transcendental Illusions
Supervisor: Kai Nielsen

Portnoy, Mark

Supervisor: Terry Penelhum

Poser, Steven

Meaning and Communication
Supervisor: B. Lohr

Stein, Stanley

The Ontological Status of Social Institutions
Supervisor: Kai Nielsen
Currently:  Professor Emeritus in Environmental Design, University of Calgary.

Monticone, G.

The Linguistic Critique of Religion
Supervisor: Kai Nielsen


Beehler, Rodger

Moral Life
Supervisor: Kai Nielsen
Professor Emeritus, University of Victoria (deceased). 

Haynes, Peter

The Possibilities of Imagination
Supervisor: Robert Ware

Hewins, Patrick

Rationality in Science
Supervisor: Jack MacIntosh

Szabados, Béla

Self-Deception and Its Paradoxes
Supervisor: Gordon Greig
Currently:  Professor, University of Regina


Shafer, John

Analysis and the Foundation of Esthetics
Supervisor: Marsha Hanen

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