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Submitted by schnell on Thu, 02/08/2007 - 4:27pm

The Department offers MA degrees by course and by thesis.  Many of our MA students go on to do PhD work in Philosophy here and elsewhere, and have excelled in philosophical careers (most notably, perhaps, John Campbell, MA 1980, who is now Slusser Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley).  An MA degree in Philosophy, however, also prepares you well for a non-academic career (this is true in particular of a degree in applied ethics).  The Department takes its obligation to the community seriously, and admits MA students with a variety of backgrounds and encourages a variety of career paths for them.  In the list below, we have included placement and career information where known, including information about doctoral fellowships our MA graduates have won upon completion of the MA to support their further study.

(Are you on this list? Tell the webmaster what you're up to.)


Hon, Ricky

Race, Identity, and Culture
Supervisor: Ann Levey

Reid, Walter

Schopenhauer’s Pessimism and Kant’s Moral Argument
Supervisor: Mark Migotti
PhD Program, McMaster University

Roe, Niall

History and Philosophy in Peirce’s Conception of Science
Supervisor: Mark Migotti, Co-Supervisor C. Kenneth Waters
JD Program, Dalhousie University


Cooper, Gordon

The Luck Objection

Supervisor: Ish Haji
PhD Program, Florida State University

Darnell, Eamon

On Origin Essentialism and Arguments for It
Supervisor: Ali Kazmi
PhD Program, University of Toronto

Zimmerman, Tegan

Beauvoir and Irigaray: Philosophizing Postfeminism in Popular
Supervisor: Lorraine Markotic
Instructor, Okanagan College


Houston, Jared

An Epistemic Theory of Global Injustice 
Supervisor: Ann Levey
PhD program, Queen's University 



Aldred, Raymond

Broadening the Boundaries of Agency: Cognitive Disability, Agency, and Autonomy 
Supervisor: Walter Glannon
PhD program, McGill University 

Elkin, Lee

What It Means to be Rational: An Analysis on Knowledge, Rational Deliberation, and Action
Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl
Doctoral Fellow at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig Maximilians Universität-Münich 

Katcharov, Maxim

Responsibility, History, and Authenticity

Supervisor: Ish Haji 

Murphy, Tess

Moral Obligation, Luck, and Alternative Possibilities

Supervisor: Ish Haji 



Pham, Michelle

Consensus and Objectivity in Science

Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
PhD program University of Washington 

Pollock, Ralph

Why Didn't the Nyaya Recognize the Mind-Body Problem?
Supervisor: Christopher Framarin

Reid, Timothy 

The Importance of Heidegger's Early Ontology: How to Better Understand "The Origin of the Work of Art" by Reading Being and Time

Supervisor: Lorraine Markotic
PhD program, University of Warwick

Wetmore, Nycole

The Problem of Evil: A Defence of the Epicurean Position
Supervisor: Jack MacIntosh
PhD program, Communication and Culture, University of Calgary



Brumble, Kimberly

Experiments, Thought Experiments and Virtual Experiments
Supervisor:  John Baker
PhD program, Indiana University

Maleki, Y. Mike

Course-Based MA
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh

Monner, Shari

The Character Individuation Problem: A Philosophical Study of the Individuation of Characters in Biological Taxonomy 

Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
PhD program, University of Western Ontario



Booth, Daniel

Ethical Aspects of Self-Deception and Akratic Belief
Supervisor:  Ishtiyaque Haji
PhD program, University of Western Ontario

Kouri, Teresa

Indiscernability and Mathematical Structuralism

Supervisor:  Richard Zach
PhD program, Ohio State University
SSHRC Fellow 2010-14
OSU Distinguished University Fellow 2010-14; 2014-16

McGraw, Tyler

Episodic Memory and Justified Belief
Supervisor:  Jeremy Fantl

Scott, James

Figure and Ground: Considerations on the Metaphysics and Logics of Time

Supervisor:  Nicole Wyatt
Returning to Public School System Administration



Chung, Julianne

A Conditional Model of Knowledge Attributions

Supervisor:  Jeremy Fantl
PhD program Yale University
Fall 2015 - Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Louisville (KY)



Simard, Martial

Nietzsche's Critique of Ascetic Ideals
Supervisor:  Mark Migotti

Straver, Elske

Trust and Testimonial Knowledge

Supervisor:  Jeremy Fantl
PhD program, University of Pennsylvania



Cankovic, Dario

Ignorance is Bliss: The Case against State of the World Theories of a Good Life
Supervisor: John Baker
PhD program, University of Western Ontario 

Coulter, Sky

Normality and Biological Functions:  An Argument that Statistical Normality is Sufficient to Support Function Attributions without Requiring Recourse to an Undefined Concept of Biological Normality
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
Nursing program University of Calgary

Jordan, Shelly

Course-Based MA
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh

Morales-Moscoso, Jose Rodrigo

Racism and Rawls's Theory of Justice
Supervisor:  Elizabeth Brake

Porat, Yonatan

How the Seemingly Serendipitous Success of Mathematics in Physics is a Problem for Philosophy of Science, Not Metaphysics
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh 
PhD Program, Boston University

Steiner, Michael

The Nature of Scientific Laws
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky 
PhD Program, University of Calgary



Buleandra, Andrei

The Later Wittgenstein on Understanding and Thinking
Supervisor:  Brian Grant
PhD Program, University of Alberta

Chynces, Ryan

Moral Skepticism and Environmental Metaethics
Supervisor:  Elizabeth Brake
Philosophy Editor at Broadview Press

Huzzey, Helen

Explorations into the Secular Existence of Evil
Supervisor:  John Baker
Completed LLB, University of British Columbia
Associate at Donaldson's Barristers in Vancouver, BC

Lamoureux, Lucien

The False Expectations of Constructive Empiricism
Supervisor:  Elaine Landry 
PhD Program, University of Western Ontario

Loo, Clement

Proper Function: Criticisms and Replies
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
PhD Program, University of Cincinnati

Manafu, Alexandru

Non-locality and Non-separability in Quantum Mechanics
Supervisor:  Elaine Landry 
PhD Program, University of Western Ontario

McEwan, Micheal

The Semantic View of Theories: Language and Representation
Supervisor:  Elaine Landry 
PhD program at the University of Waterloo

Rondeau, Meaghan

The Piety of Storks
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh
PhD program in Classics at the University of Washington



Fellows, Jill

Self-Searching: An Exploration of Personal Identity, Alzheimer's and Dissociative Identity Disorder
Supervisor:  Brian Grant
PhD program at the University of British Columbia

Allan, Robert

Wittgenstein on Sensation and Self
Supervisor:  Brian Grant

Stephenson, Timothy

From Wittgenstein to Quine: The Rise and Fall of Logical Positivism in Early Analytic Philosophy
Supervisor:  Ali Kazmi



Hughes, Sean

Madison or Madison Avenue? Liberalism and the Media
Supervisor:  Elizabeth Brake

Ritchie, Brendan

The Good Life
Supervisor:  Dennis McKerlie
PhD program at Harvard University

Vokey, Fred

Reclaiming Freedom: A Study in Nietzsche's Ethics and Philosophy of Action
Supervisor:  Mark Migotti



Beaumier, Michel

Truth and Democracy: A Critique of Epistemic Theories of Deliberative Democracy Supervisor:  Robert Ware

Rabanca, Bogdan

Arguing for Private Property: A Critique of Special Right-Based Arguments
Supervisor:  Robert Ware
Winner of the 2003 Governor General's Gold Medal for best Master's-level work at the University of Calgary.
PhD program at New York University (NYU)

Stewart, Brad

Social Obligations Towards the Homeless
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker



Boyle, Shawna

Genetic Research: Why We Do It, Why We Should
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
MD program at the University of Calgary.

Sarantis, Aristotle

Central Issues in Automatism
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker 
JD Received from the University of Toronto
Associate at Growlings Law Firm, Calgary 

Seaville, Victoria

Catholicism and Homosexuality
Supervisor:  Elizabeth Brake
PhD Received from University of Dalhousie.  Received SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship.

Chapman,  Jonathan

Semantic and Pragmatic Elements in the Process of Understanding, A Non-Linear Approach
Supervisor:  Nicole Wyatt



Flanagan, Jane

Expression in Abstract Art
Supervisor:  John Heintz

Jackson, Todd

Music, Imagery, and Perception
Supervisor:  John Heintz

Bannard, Todd

Quantum Mechanics and Ontology
Supervisor:  C.B. Martin

Bui, Huy Quang

Quantification, Opacity and Modality
Supervisor:  Ali Kazmi

Nathoo, Al-Noor Nenshi

Rationalized Selfishness or Reasonable Skepticism? Objections to Singer and Unger on the Obligations of the Affluent
Supervisor:  Robert Ware
Executive Director, Provincial Health Ethics Network, Alberta

Lynch, Sterling

Romantic Longings, Moral Ideals, Democratic Priorities: On Richard Rorty's Use of the Distinction Between the Private and the Public
Supervisor:  Mark Migotti
PhD program at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Held Ralph Steinhauer Award of Distinction and SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship.

Van Iersel, Eric

Beyond Supervenience: an Alternative Approach to the Mental-Physical Relation
Supervisor:  C.B. Martin



Brennan, Frances

Another Look at Hart's Account of Wicked Legal Systems
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker
PhD program, McMaster University

Hodgson, Jeffrey

The Non-Identity Problem: The Failure Of The Rights And Person-Affecting
Supervisor:  Dennis McKerlie
PhD program, University of Alberta

Kovatcheva, Nevena

Account and Method in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
Supervisor:  John Baker



Cherry, James

Psychological Empiricism
Supervisor:  C.B. Martin

Dolgetta, Speranza

Designing Genes: The Moral Permissibility of Germ Line Genetic Engineering
Supervisor:  John Baker
Recieved MD/PhD Candidate at the University of Calgary. Winner of CIHR Scriver and Boyd MD/PhD Studentship.
Medical Residency at University of Saskatoon 

Habib, Allen

Justification, Reliability and the Parting Problem
Supervisor:  Ann Levey 
Received PhD from University of Arizona
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Calgary

Viney, Christine

The History of Catholic Sexual Morality
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh



Didyk, Melvin

Intentional Terms, Intentions and their Adjustment: A Causal Theory of Action Revisited
Supervisor:  Robert Ware
Director and Vice President, Environmental Mapping Canada, Abbotsford, BC

Hendrikse, Jesse

No Powers, No Causes
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
Received PhD from University of Calgary

Mellow, David

Self-Defense, Agency, and Morality
Supervisor:  Tom Hurka
Received PhD from University of Calgary. Winner of SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship. 
Calgary Board of Education

Meynell, Letitia

Picture Hooks: Prelude to an Aesthetic Epistemology
Supervisor:  Brian Grant
Received PhD from University of Western Ontario. 
Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Dalhousie University.



Jonsson, Olafur

Scepticism About Meaning: An Examination of Quine and Kripke's Wittgenstein
Supervisor:  Ali Kazmi
Received PhD from MIT.

MacWilliams, Carolyn

Course-based MA
Supervisor:  Ann Levey

Raymond, Dwayne

Information Conveyance: A Critique of Claude E. Shannon's Noise/Signal Distinction
Supervisor:  John Baker
PhD Received from the University of Western Ontario
Sessional Instructor in Philosophy, University of Saskatchewan 

Rowell, John

Commodification: The Market and the Public Service
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker
PhD program in English at University of Alberta. 
Instructor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Selkirk College, BC.

Senior, Jeff

The Concept of Negligence
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker



Calder, Todd

Problems for Truth and Reference in Fictional Contexts
Supervisor:  John Heintz
Received PhD from University of Western Ontario. 
Adjunct Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Victoria.

Kawchuk, Risa

Supervisor: Thomas Hurka.
MA student in Education

McIvor, Trevor

Reason and Reformed Epistemology
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh

O'Riordan, Sean

The Semantics of Belief Reports
Supervisor:  Ali Kazmi

Ryder, Dan

Evaluating Theories of Consciousness Using the Autonomic Nervous System for Comparison
Supervisor:  C. B. Martin
Received PhD from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Barber School of Arts and Sciences, University of British Columbia

Viney, Windsor

Vague Predicates in Natural Languages
Supervisor:  Robert Ware
PhD program at the University of Waterloo



Carrasco, Caroline

Moral Standing: Towards An Alternative Moral Framework
Supervisor:  John Baker 
LL.B. Crown Attorney, Northwest Territories

Wyatt, Nicole

Aquinas and Scotus: Free Will, Teleological Ethics and Deontic Logic
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh
Received PhD from University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Calgary

Hajnal, Peter

Computation and Causality
Supervisor:  John Heintz
Received PhD from Columbia University
Assistant Professor at the European College of Liberal Arts, Berlin



Anderson, Mark

Course-based MA
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh

Wolski, Barrett

The Grooves of Nature: Dispositions and Natural Kinds
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky

Baumslag, David

Rhetoric and Moral Reasoning
Supervisor:  John Baker
PhD program, University of Calgary

Hardingham, Lorraine

Ethical Interpretation in Ethical Conflict
Supervisor:  John Baker 
Clinical Ethicist, St. Joseph's Health Care, London, Ontario

Mann, Murray

A Critique of Pure Cognition: Imagery and the Sensuous
Supervisor:  C. B. Martin

O'Hagan, Emer

Emotional Work and Moral Agency
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker
Received PhD from University of Toronto. 
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Saskatchewan

Storwick, Teresa

Consciousness and the Self
Supervisor:  Brian Grant
Received Peter C. Craigie Memorial Scholarship.



Buchanan, Reid

Is There A Problem About the External World?
Supervisor:  Brian Grant
Received PhD from McMaster University. 
Instructor of Philosophy, University of Calgary



Fortin, Andreé

Are Corporations Morally Responsible?
Supervisor:  John Baker 
Business Consultant, Calgary.



Elstein, Karen

Wittgenstein's Early Ethics
Supervisor:  Petra von Morstein

Ghate, Onkar

The Assumptions of the Skeptic
Supervisor: Thomas Hurka
Received PhD from the University of Calgary

Lanza, John

Consciousness and the Self
Supervisor:  Robert Ware

White, David

The Concept of Supervenience
Supervisor:  John Baker 

Hudak, Brent

Vulnerability and Warrant: An Examination of Quine's Maxim of Minimum Mutilation
Supervisor: R. Jewell
Received PhD from the University of Calgary
Instructor of Philosophy, Mount Royal College, Calgary 

Kumar, Chandra

Historical Materialism: Some Conceptual and Methodological Issues
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Sarnecki, John

Empty Heads and Narrow Minds: Mental Content and the Environment
Supervisor:  John Baker

Toombs, Bruce

Complex Equality, Relativism, and Critical Perspective: Michael Walzer and His Critics
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen 
Instructor, Humanities, Champlain College St. Lambert, Quebec

Vickerman, Donald

Objectivity and Meaning: An Elucidation of 'Truth'
Supervisor:  John Heintz



Jackson, Gordon

Course-based MA
Supervisor:  Thomas Hurka

Leighton, Hugh

How to Make Mistakes: The Problem of Error in Information- Based Semantics
Supervisor:  Ali Kazmi



Gordon, Bruce

Course-based MA
Supervisor:  John Heintz

Gorham, Geoffrey

Explanatory Inference and Entity Realism
Supervisor:  John Heintz

Whealen, Michael

Understanding Pornography
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Whittle, Kathryn

New Coherentism in the Face of Scepticism
Supervisor:  John Baker

Cooke, Lance

Constructive Empiricism, Realism and Scientific Methodology
Supervisor:  Brian Baigrie

Downes, Stephen

Models and Modality
Supervisor:  John Baker
PhD program University of Alberta (A.B.D.) 
Information Architect, University of Alberta

Gardiner, Mark

Realism, Universals and the Decline of Nominalism
Supervisor:  Dennis McKerlie
PhD received from McMaster University
Instructor of Philosophy, Mount Royal College, Calgary 

Schellenberg, John

God, Evidence and Ambiguity
Supervisor:  Robert Jewell
DPhil received from University of Oxford.
Professor of Philosophy, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax

Sobstyl, Edrie

Folk Psychology: Relic or Reality?
Supervisor:  John Baker
PhD received from University of Alberta
Instructor, Philosophy and Humanities Department, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC

Zamulinski, Brian

Natural Moral Commitments
Supervisor:  Thomas Hurka



Cunningham, Martin

Perception and Consciousness: An Evolutionary Approach
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh.

Hudson, Michael

Revolutionary Marxism
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Seary, Janet

Theories of Legal Contract
Supervisor:  Marsha Hanen

Tait, Alastair

Dummett: Philosophy of Language 
Supervisor:  C. B. Martin

Yasenchuk, Ken

Explanation and Morality
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker

Janowski, James

Human Nature, Revolution, and the State
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Neilsen, Philip

Religious Language as Metaphor
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Pilkington, Karen

Knowing: Saying and Showing
Supervisor:  Brian Grant
PhD received from University of California, Berkeley.
Karen was a Sessional Instructor in Philosophy at the University of Alberta until her death from leukemia in 2000.

Wickings, Adam

Realism, Anti-Realism and Scepticism
Supervisor:  C. B. Martin



Dodd, Paul

Empiricist Commitment and the Concept of Necessity
Supervisor:  William Stewart

Hadfield, Christopher

The Preconditions of Demonstrative ThoughtS
Supervisor:  John Baker

Henson, Anthony

Attitude and Argument in the Realist Dispute 
Supervisor:  Robert Jewell

Leafloor, Christopher

The Poverty of Moral Philosophy 
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Lee, Robin

Consciousness for Conscious Beings 
Supervisor:  Gordon Greig

Park, Shelley

Rationality Without Linguistic Ability 
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh 
Received PhD from Duke University
Associate Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Central Florida

Rasmussen, Greg

Art-Games, Meaning and Style
Supervisor:  Petra von Morstein

Ryan, Bonnie

The Self and Self Knowledge
Supervisor:  Petra von Morstein

Teskey, Terry

Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Walde, Karen

A Metaphysically Neutral Theory of Meaning
Supervisor:  John Heintz 
Instructor of Philosophy, Mount Royal College, Calgary



Akhtar, Shabbir

A Defence of Value-Free Inquiry
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Cole, David

The Political Philosophy of Ludwig von Mises 
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Coleman, Kevin

A Critique of Technological Determinism 
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Heyd, Thomas

'Consciousness' in Philosophy and Psychology
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh 
PhD Received from University of Western Ontario
Sessional Instructor of Philosophy, University of Victoria



Duval, Gordon

Reason and Morality, Again
Supervisor:  Robert Ware 
LLB Received in Law and Bioethics from the University of Toronto
SJD Received in Law from the University of Toronto
Bioethicist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health/Joint Centre for Bioethics and Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

Gasper, Philip

Explaining Scientifically
Supervisor:  Marsha Hanen
PhD Received from Cornell University
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair, Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies, Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, California 

Goldman, Robert

Theories for Meaning
Supervisor:  Verena Huber-Dyson

Watson, Scott

Saikewicz, Moralities and Professionals
Supervisor:  Marsha Hanen



Fujimagari, Laurel

Dewey's Unprincipled Philosophy
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen

Hinds, Ronald

Essence, Identity, and Self
Supervisor:  John Heintz

Neher, Allister

Emotions and Behavior
Supervisor:  Petra von Morstein

Smith, Michael

Some Problems with Dummett's Positive Account of an Anti-Realist Theory of Meaning
Supervisor:  C. B. Martin



Campbell, John

Belief and Interpretation
Supervisor:  Verena Huber-Dyson
PhD Received from the University of Oxford
Willis S. and Marion Slusser Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley

Gordon, Robert

Picturing Subjects
Supervisor:  John Baker
PhD Received from the University of Calgary

Nasim, Moira

Personal Identity and 'Split-Brain'
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh

Parr, Thomas

Recombinant DNA Research and Social Policy
Supervisor:  Marsha Hanen



Matthen, Jane

John Hick's Theodicy and Believing At Will
Supervisor:  Terry Penelhum

Threet, Judith

A Critique of Quine's Indeterminacy: Gavagai, gallivant and gainsay
Supervisor:  John Baker

White, Joseph

A Sketch of Morality and Reason Giving
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen



Devlin, John

Inferring: Episode and State
Supervisor:  Robert Ware

Williams, Thomas

Medical Paternalism and Patient Autonomy
Supervisor:  Gordon Greig



Groarke, Leo

Zeno's Paradoxes, the Infinite, and Wittgenstein
Supervisor:  John Heintz 
PhD Received from the University of Western Ontario 
Acting Provost and Vice President Academic, Wilfried Laurier University

Keeping, Janet

Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen
LLB Received from the University of Calgary
President, Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership

McKim, Robert

Morality and Religious Belief
Supervisor:  Terry Penelhum 
PhD Received from Yale University
Professor of Religious Studies, Director of Department of Religion, University of Illinois



Blair, Andrew

The Ethics of Vercity
Supervisor:  Marsha Hanen
Chappell, David Kantian Categories and Forms of Judgements: A Linguistic Approach
Supervisor:  Gordon Greig


Ibberson, John Protagorean Relativism in the Theaetetus
Supervisor:  John Baker


deWit, Sonja Wanting
Supervisor:  Robert Ware
Scheinberg, Patricia Aristotle on Change
Supervisor:  Plato Mamo


Dimas, Tom Aristotle on Energeia, Kinesis and Perception
Supervisor:  Plato Mamo
Mavrogiannis, George Epicurus' Conception of Scientific and Moral Truth
Supervisor:  Plato Mamo


Hodgkin, Adam Equality and Egalitarianism
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen
Maes, William Individuation and Steresis
Supervisor:  Plato Mamo
University Librarian, University of Regina 1990-98; Dalhousie University 1998-2011; now retired.
Pike, Louis The Uniqueness of Historical Events
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen
Wood, Thomas Proof
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh 
President Emeritus, Mount. Royal College, Calgary 


Drane, Robert Convention and Agreement
Supervisor:  John Baker
McKerlie, Dennis An Examination of Some Problems in Aristotle's Account of Practical Intellect
Supervisor: John Baker
PhD Received from the University of Oxford
Professor of Philosophy at the University of Calgary
Strand, David Necessary Truth and Conventionalism
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker
Wallihan, Riley Thomas Reid's Account of Perception
Supervisor:  Kai Nielsen


Fellows, Daniel Language and Type Distinctions
Supervisor:  Charles Travis
McCready, Stuart Good
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker
Wilson, Carol Berkeley's Ethics
Supervisor:  John Baker


Brennan, Andrew Memory and the Criterion for Personal Identity
Supervisor: Terry Penelhum
BPhil Received from University of Oxford
Professor in Philosophy, La Trobe University
Past President of the Australasian Association of Philosophy
Haynes, Peter Memory
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh
Lyons, William Conceptual Prolegomena to the Study of Love
Supervisor:  Terry Penelhum 
PhD Received from University of Dundee
Professor Emeritus in Philosophy, Emeritus Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin; Member of the Royal Irish Academy 
Szabados, Béla Trying
Supervisor:  Zeno Vendler 
PhD Received from University of Calgary
Professor of Philosophy, University of Regina


Kelly, Gertrude The Concept of Metaphor
Supervisor:  Zeno Vendler
Kooistra, John

Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh

Morton, John Concept of Action
Supervisor:  Gordon Greig
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