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Submitted by rzach on Thu, 08/18/2016 - 3:39pm
  • Graduate Handbook: The Graduate Handbook contains all policies and procedures in the department that affect graduate students. Students and supervisors should be familiar with it. It is updated at the beginning of every Fall term.
  • PhD Candidacy Regulations: The department's requirements and policy to advance to candidacy, including the Field of Study Papers an Oral Exam, and the Thesis Proposal and thesis Proposal Oral Exam.
  • Old PhD Field of Study Exams: Students admitted prior to March 2018 had to complete three written Field of Study exams. This page details the process, reading lists, and gives sample questions.
  • Graduate Essay Prize: The Graduate Essay Prize is awarded every year for an outstanding paper written by a graduate student.
  • Department Graduate Student Travel Award: Graduate students are eligible for travel support from the department to present their work at conferences.
  • Absence from Campus Form: If away from Calgary for any period of time, graduate students should file an Absence from Campus form with the graduate office.
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