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2013-14 Speakers Series

Submitted by rzach on Sat, 08/20/2016 - 11:13am
September 13 Gillman Payette (Dalhousie), The (C. I. ) Lewis Program and Its Upshot in the World Today
September 20 Aadil Kurji (Bristol), The Miner's Paradox: A Formal Cautionary Tale
September 27 Anya Plutynski (Washington St. Louis), The Evolution of Failure
October 4 Ronald de Sousa (Toronto), Love and Reasons
November 1 Justin Kalef (Rutgers), Sympathy for the Relativist
November 8 Heather Douglas (Waterloo), Responsible Science in Democrative Societies
November 15 Anders Kraal (Calgary), Hume's Irreligious Agenda: Who Was the Target?
November 22 Adam Sennet (UC Davis), Presupposition and Context Sensitivity
December 6 Kenny Easwaren (USC), Dr. Truthlove, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bayesian Probabilities
January 10 Jeremy Fischer (Calgary), The Ethics of Reflexivity
January 17 Laurie Paul (UNC Chapel Hill), Transformative Experience
January 24 Jackie Sullivan (Western), Experimentation and Construct Stabilization in Neuroscience
January 31 Samantha Brennan (Western), Micro-Inequities and the Problems of Aggregating Small Harms
February 28    Marc Ereshefsky (Calgary), Natural Kinds: The Stuff of Metaphysics or Scientific Practice?
March 14 Julia Driver (Washington St. Louis), Appraisability and Accountability
March 21 Alex Rueger (Alberta), Kant's Aesthetics and the Development of his Moral Philosophy
March 28 Andrea Woody (Washington), Re-orienting Discussions of Scientific Explanation: A Functional Perspective
April 4 Mark Migotti (Calgary), Why Study Logic?
April 11 Rachel McKinnon (Calgary), You Make Your Own Luck
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