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Philosophy Speakers: Some limits to constructivist deontic accounts of value

Date & Time:
February 15, 2019 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
SS 1253
John Baker, University of Calgary

About the Talk:

In recent literature constructivism about practical reasons (vs moral constructivism) is coming to be the view that the fact that there exists a pro tanto reason for some agent (or some agent has a pro tanto reason) to do some act in a certain situation is at least in part a function of what considerations the agent would (under certain conditions of choice) choose to count as relevant to the determination of that fact and in what way. In this presentation, I try to provide some of the details that might serve to make such a view plausible and to outline some rational limits to the autonomy of such choices.

About the Speaker: 

John Baker trained in Oxford, where he taught until he came to Calgary. His research is primarily in ethics and some issues in the philosophy of mind. His ethics research in recent years has focused on issues concerning the ontological status of reasons for acting, on the putative role of principles in moral reasoning, and on the viability of constructivist accounts of moral and practical reasons. His recent focus in applied ethics research has been on conflicts between the right and duties attached to certain roles (parent, physician, academic) and rights and duties not grounded in roles.

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