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Philosophy Speakers: Twin Dilemmas

Date & Time:
October 12, 2018 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
SS 1253
Ishtiyaque Haji, University of Calgary

About the Talk:

There is a prima facie case for responsibility skepticism—determinism and indeterminism seemingly threaten moral responsibility. In this paper, I argue that there is such a case for prohibition skepticism as well—determinism and indeterminism imperil moral impermissibility. Furthermore, I show that prohibition skepticism, in turn, fuels obligation skepticism too.

About the Speaker: 

Ish Haji is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Calgary. He is the author of Moral Appraisability (1998), Deontic Morality and Control (2002), Moral Responsibility, Authenticity, and Education (with Stefaan Cuypers, 2008), Freedom and Value (2009), Incompatibilism’s Allure (2009), and Reason’s Debt to Freedom (2012).

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