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Philosophy Speakers: Fake News, Objectivity & White Ignorance: Lessons from Social Epistemology of the Internet

Date & Time:
September 14, 2018 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
SS 1253
Karen Frost-Arnold, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

About the Talk

This paper argues that we need a social epistemology grounded in critical race theory and feminist epistemology to understand some features of the fake news problem. First, analyzing fake news as an instance of what Charles Mills calls ‘white ignorance’ helps us to understand the role of web search, autocomplete, and social bots in shaping our collective memory and testimonial practices.    Second, feminist accounts of objectivity reveal how Facebook’s misguided   commitment to neutrality makes it vulnerable to spreading fake news. 

About the Speaker

Karen Frost-Arnold is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Hobart & William Smith Colleges Geneva, New York. Her research focuses on the epistemology and ethics of trust, social epistemology, philosophy of the internet, philosophy of science, and feminist philosophy. 


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