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Philosophy Speakers: Cheryl Misak (Toronto), "The Subterranean Influence of Pragmatism on the Vienna Circle"

Date & Time:
April 15, 2016
Social Sciences Building, Room 1253
Cheryl Misak

About the Talk

An under-appreciated fact in the history of analytic philosophy is that American pragmatism had an early and strong influence on the Vienna Circle. That path – from Charles Peirce to Frank Ramsey to Ludwig Wittgenstein to Moritz Schlick – is traced in this paper, and along the way some standard understandings of Ramsey and Wittgenstein, especially, are radically altered.


About the Speaker

Cheryl Misak is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Her research interests are in  pragmatism, history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of medicine, ethics, and political philosophy. She is the author of The American Pragmatists (Oxford), Truth, Politics, Morality (Routledge), Truth and the End of Inquiry (Oxford), and Verificationism: Its History and Prospects (Routledge).

Cheryl Misak's website


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