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CANCELLED: Samantha Brennan (Western Ontario), "Micro-inequities and the Problems of Aggregating Small Harms"

Date & Time:
January 31, 2014 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Philosophy Speakers Program presents

SAMANTHA BRENNAN - "Mico-inequities and the Problems of Aggregating Small Harms"

Location: Social Sciences Building, Room 1253

About the Talk

An emerging story about the persistence of workplace inequality--in the absence of formal barriers to entry and progress for women, minorities, and disabled persons-- looks to the twin causes of implicit bias and micro-inequities.  The Barnard Report on Women, Work, and the Academy  describes these causes of inequality in the academy in these terms: “The first is that biases operating below the threshold of deliberate consciousness, biases in interaction that are unrecognized and unintended, can systematically put women and minorities at a disadvantage. Second, although individual instances of these “micro-inequities” may seem trivial, their cumulative effects can account for large-scale differences in outcome; those who benefit from greater opportunity and a reinforcing environment find their advantages compounded, while deficits of support and recognition ramify for those who are comparatively disadvantaged (MIT 1999: 10).” This talk sets out to examine micro-inequities and their moral significance. 

About the Speaker

Samantha Brennan (PhD Illinois at Chicago) is Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario.  She is also a member of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, an affiliate member of the Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research, and a member of the graduate faculty of the Department of Political Science.  Her main research interests lie in the area of contemporary normative ethics, particularly at the intersection of deontological and consequentialist moral theories. She also has active research interests in feminist ethics. She is co-editor, with Robert Stainton, of Philosophy and Death (Broadview 2009).  She is also a co-editor of the two volume Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Theory.

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