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Philosophy Speakers Program

Submitted by dfto on Thu, 03/01/2007 - 8:27pm

The Philosophy Department's Speakers Program presents public lectures by visiting speakers and faculty on a wide variety of philosophical topics. Keep up on Philosophy Department Events and News at any time...

2016-17 Program

August 15 Cindy Holder (Victoria), Truth and Vindication in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
September 9 Jessica Berry (Georgia State), The Will to a System: Nietzsche on Philosophy as Psychopathology
September 16 Marie Kaiser (Bielefeld), ENCODE and the Parthood Question
September 23 Stefaan Cuypers (Leuven), Is the Ledger Conception of Moral Responsibility Intelligible?
September 30
October 21
November 4 David Dick (UCalgary), What Money Can and Cannot Buy
November 18 Allen Habib (UCalgary), On the Possibility of a Planetary Entitlement
January 13 Derek Turner (Connecticut College), The Meaning of Living Fossils
January 19 & 20 Philosophy of Medicine Miniconference
Sabina Leonelli (Exeter)
Daniel Steel (UBC)
Serife Tekin (Daemen College)
February 3 Jennifer Nagel (Toronto), Factive and Non-factive Mental State Attribution
February 10 Anandi Hattiangadi (Stockholm), Relativism, Expressivism and Logical Disagreement
March 10
March 11 Vendler Reading Group Workshop on Pronouns and Reference
Pranav Anand (UCSC)
Karen Lewis (Barnard)
March 16
Calgary Mathematics & Philosophy Lecture
Emily Grosholz (Pennsylvania State), Theory Reduction, Algebraic Number Theory, and the Complex Plane
March 17
March 24 Oliver Lean (UCalgary), Causation, Information, and Agency
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