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Philosophy Speakers Program

Submitted by dfto on Thu, 03/01/2007 - 8:27pm

The Philosophy Department's Speakers Program presents public lectures by visiting speakers and faculty on a wide variety of philosophical topics. Keep up on Philosophy Department Events and News at any time...

2015-16 Program

September 11     Susan Haack (Miami), "Credulity and Circumspection: Epistemological Character and the Ethics of Belief"
September 18 Jeremy Fantl (UCalgary), "The Ethics of Public Discourse"                                            
September 25 Richard Zach (UCalgary), "Carnap's General Axiomatics"
October 23-24 Miniconference on the Historical Sciences
John Beatty (British Columbia)
Eric Desjardins (Western)
Paul Roth (UC Santa Cruz)
Michael Travisano (Minnesota)
Jessica Theodor (UCalgary)
October 30 Shelley Alexander (Geography, UCalgary), "Through Coyote Eyes"
November 20 POSTPONED Cheryl Misak (Toronto), "The Subterranean Influence of Pragmatism on the Vienna Circle"
December 4 Kris McDaniel (Syracuse), "Normative Analyses of Fundamentality"
December 11 David Copp (UC Davis), "Normative Concepts, Moral Judgment Internalism, and the Just Too Different Intuition"
January 15 Shelley Park (Central Florida), "The FLDS Mother as Subaltern Subject: Epistemic Violence in Neoliberal Understandings of the Rural 'Other'" 
January 22 Katie McShane (Colorado State), The Role of Awe in Environmental Ethics
January 29 Jay Odenbaugh (Lewis & Clark), Ties that Bind: Emotions as Natural Kinds
February 5 Matt Haber (Utah), The Individuality Thesis and the Levels of Lineage
February 26 Yual Chiek, "Compossibility: The Reformed Logical Interpretation"
March 4-5 Miniconference on Logical Pluralism
Allen Hazen (Alberta)
Gillian Russell (Washington at St. Louis)
Stewart Shapiro (Ohio State), "Pluralism, Normativity, and Meaning"
March 11 Bill Lyons (Trinity College Dublin), Philosophy, Drama and Philosophical Drama"
March 18 Alison Wylie, (Washington), "How Archaeological Evidence Bites Back: Putting Old Data to Work in New Ways"
April 8 John Campbell (UC Berkeley), "Some Varieties of Mental Causation"
 April 15 Cheryl Misak (Toronto), "The Subterranean Influence of Pragmatism on the Vienna Circle"
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