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Jack MacIntosh

  • Professor

Past Graduate Students

2012 - Dagsson, Jóhannes: Meaning, Perceptipn, and Works of Art

1981 - Kornfein, Roger: Kant and the metaphysics of reference
1972 - Hewins, Patrick: Rationality in Science

2012 - Wetmore, Nycole Lorraine: The Problem of Evil

2011 - Maleki, Mike: Course Based MA

2007 - Porat, Yonatan: How the Seemingly Serendipitous Success of Mathematics in Physics is a Problem for Philosophy of Science, not Metaphysics

2007 - Jordan, Shelley: Course Based MA 

2005 - Rondeau, Meaghan: The Piety of Storks
1999 - Viney, Christine: The History of Catholic Sexual Morality
1996 - McIvor, Trevor: Reason and Reformed Epistemology
1995 - Wyatt, Nicole: Aquinas and Scotus: Free Will, Teleological Ethics and Deontic Logic
1994 - Anderson, J. Mark: (Course-based)
1986 - Cunningham, Martin: Perception and Consciousness: An Evolutionary Approach
1984 - Park, Shelley: Rationality Without Linguistic Ability
1983 - Heyd, Thomas: 'Consciousness' in Philosophy and Psychology
1980 - Nasim, Moira: Personal Identity and "Split-Brain"
1972 - Wood, Thomas: Proof
1968 - Haynes, Peter: Memory
1967 - Kooistra, John E.: Persons



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